Steph and I went to Sayulita, Mexico with Las Olas Surf and Yoga Safari to learn to surf and have some fun. It was a great trip!  Here I am surfing.

When I got home I had some fun teaching Jonah and Zoey to surf

Jonah got really into it. He kept announcing when a big wave was coming and practicing his pop-up.  Then his imagination went wild: “Here comes a big wave. And do you know who our Life guard is? It’s the famous singer, Neil Young. He’s singing Cinamon Girl. He’s with his wife. No, he’s married to a man. It’s Nelson Mandela”

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Zoey’s first day of school 2015

IMG_4533 IMG_4539 IMG_4543 IMG_4547

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Violin Concert on the Deck

Jonah has been playing violin for a year and our Au Pair, Riele, was inspired to start taking lessons too.  Here they are playing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star together.


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Zoey practicing her writing (no, she did not get a cat)


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Catching Up

I haven’t posted anything in so long.  Not for lack of fun stuff to post but for lack of time to post it.  Today the kids are in Sunday school (they just started this year) and so I am in a coffee shop with my computer.  Time to post!

Here is a recent text Andrew sent me when I was in Phoenix for work and Jonah was home with a cold:

Jonah: “uh oh. I have a checkup today. I hope I don’t get a shot”
Zoey: “too bad mommy’s not in the house because she’s the expert at fixing hurting”

To know that I’m a source of comfort for Jonah and Zoey made me so happy. What more could a mom want?

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Email from Jonah’s teacher

Dear Jami and Andrew,

It is so nice to have Jonah back in great health!
He is expressing wonderfully and letting his fun side out more too.

Below is a brief conversation we had at recess and I wrote it almost verbatim.

Jonah: Hey Mr. Wiscomb, I’m going to be 31 in 2046.

Me: Wow, that’s great Jonah. Good mental math. You’ll be out of school by then and maybe teaching here at GATE.

Jonah: I don’t think so. I’m not going to be a teacher. I’m going to be a sports star and a professional breakdancer.

Me: Really, that’s awesome!

Jonah: Yea, I like soccer and I BOOGIE at every chance I get!

Then he broke into a full body dance and hooted around the playground!

Please find his progress report attached as a PDF.

Best always,


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After School Picnic

After School Picnic

Having a picnic after school with Nana (Natalia)

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Swinging and Smiling

Swinging and Smiling

Zoey being amazing Zoey. Happy in Mill Valley at Old Mill Park. Playing with Mama and Papa.

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Jonah explained Inertia to me (age 4)

Earlier this week Jonah and I were playing with cars, sending them down the race track. He asked me why they were fast.  I said “because they’re race cars”.  He asked me “why do they slow down at the end?”. I said “because the ramp stops”.  He said “no, it’s inertia”.  I said “what’s inertia?” I wasn’t testing him.  I honestly wasn’t sure I knew.  He explained that when the car hits the floor and slows down, that’s inertia.  Not bad for four!

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Off to School


Heading to Marin Horizon School – Day 2 for Jonah. Day 1 for Zoey

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